Formal Request for $220 for Pipe Clamps

Based on the feed back I got on the previous request for Pipe Clamps, and the current state of the pipe clamps the Hive owns, I’d like to buy a few sets of pipe clamps. Currently Menards is selling 3/4" pipe clamps for $10, and then $5-10 for the black pipe, depending on length. I’d like to buy the following lengths:

6x 10’ = $120
6x 5’ = $100

I have fulfilled this request. I have spent $128.94 of the requested budget, and was able to save quite a bit because of the efforts of Dave B, and Jim.

With the $128.94 I was able to get 6 light duty 5’ 1/2" pipe clamps (using some of the pipe Dave kindly donated), and 4 heavy duty 5’ 3/4" pipe clamps. With the original 4 1/2" light duty clamps, this brings the hive owned total to 14 pipe clamps.

At this point I believe this matter is closed unless somebody has a suggestion for spending the other ~$90 that have not been spent.

Good work Andrew! Thanks a lot!

Oh, it wasn’t all me. I should also give a shout out to Brad for getting the pipe threading kit, which has probably paid for itself with this project, and also to Clay for helping me with assembly of the 1/2" pipes.

Also I was able to buy fewer clamps than originally requested because Jim D was able to bring in 16 pipe clamps from various sources. Between that, and the 10 I bought for my personal use we’ve got quite a collection down at the hive atm.

I have labelled all the new hive clamps, and marked Jim’s clamps.