FOR VOTE Ultimaker revised proposal

Purchase Plan



Fan Bracket


Print Head Block Set


Bowden tube w/ collets & clips


tfm isolator


isolator spacer


E3D Titan extruder arm


E3D Titan bowden coupling




Labor Plan

  • update computer on 3d printing bench to latest version of Cura

  • install hardware from list above

  • update firmware to reduce maximum temperatures to something more realistic

  • document firmware menus and procedures on wiki

  • clean, calibrate, and validate Ultimaker with new hardware

  • Inventory current filament and add to wiki

  • maintain wiki to reflect current hardware and procedures

Just curious, after these improvements, will the 3D printer be safe for unattended use? I was able to print the part I needed this weekend in ~4 hours, but only at significantly thicker layer height than I would have prefered. It would definitely be nice for those of us who can’t camp out all night at the hive to be able to leave 10 hour+ prints to run overnight.

I vote yes either way

oh, you should probably give yourself some wiggle room for shipping and unexpected stuff, say $200?


Was that “sure” to my suggestion of adding wiggle room to the vote, or to my question of if these changes will make the printer safe to use unattended?




now I am confused on if those are yes votes or yes answers to my questions, haha

Sorry just being snarky. We should be more clear on what is a clarification of questions and what is a vote.
I was just answering the questions.
I usually reserve my vote for the meetings in case something drastic changes.
I am leaning toward a vote of yes in the meeting next week.

Seeing that the discussion thread for this, I still havent had my question answered I am voting no.

What in this is upgrades and what is repairs?

This vote is for today, correct?

Unless I am mistaken, yes.


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I’m voting yes on this one, and would be happy to assist if another pair of hands is required. These replacement parts should eliminate several annoyances in our printing workflow.

  • Ry

Voting yes

There is a vote on this proposal tonight.
My understanding is for $200 to bring the Ultimaker to more manageable working condition.
We can have more discussion about this during the meeting.

Personally I think we are getting into nit-picking territory on what is what.
We are not buying a $5000 kit to create nuclear fuel rods.
This just falls out of the area warden budget, hence the vote.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone gets a vote.

Jeff has volunteered to get these changes installed and documented. I’ll be involved and as the FabLab warden, and I support this effort as I am the one who gets to fix the beast if it breaks/gets broken.

I’m going to focus more energy on the 3D printer(s) once I get done with the laser cutters. The class went well last Saturday.

Let’s keep moving forward together as a mostly cohesive group.

Sounds good to me. This is all very reasonable and logical.