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What would be the best paint to go over plastic? Maybe as a primer coat? I have a couple hard sided plastic suitcases that I want to paint…
Automotive primer? Kilz? (which version?) Something else?


I normally paint over it with a plastic primer first.

Krylon plastic primer spray paint works great. It is for outdoor and indoor use, you can paint lawn furniture with it, so it is pretty durable.

My friend uses it to prime coolers to paint with designs. So it can survive regular use and moisture! It also comes in different colours (not just white) so you can prime in a base colour if you want.

That sounds prettygood ! Thank you!

Koi paint stores have primer with the additive for plastic, then for paint I’ve had luck with krylon plastic for stuff that does not flex much. But if it flexes a bit koi paint stores will have what you need

Daniel is the primer you use a spray or brush on? Do you remember what
it is called?

Spraypaint, you can pick it up at any home Depot or Lowe’s so I think rustoleum brand. Krylons is good too, harder to find. I have the best luck finding Krylons at walmart.