For sale nearby

I saw a vacuum pump in the lot that would adapt for a large area. The class I am taking has a router with a ten horse vaccum pump for a full table sized plate made of urethaned mdf. There is also the possibility of buying a large router complete.

I think this is the link for the router in the listing

Lot of good stuff, but nothing I feel qualified to comment on. This sticks out to me.


Pics seem in decent shape, but I have no way to transport such a beast, assuming I got a deal on it.

I have a truck with a 8 ft bed. Need 4-6 people to lift it.

I was thinking the pro quality router would be a neato way to realign the old one… heresy! I know… but worth a thought.

I might stop by the sale this weekend, thanks for the reminder. Maybe we can get some cheap end mills or vises or something. If the box break is a really good idea I might round up a crew to collect it next weekend.