For now, withdraw vote request on personal information privacy policy

Fellow members:

Back on Feb. 13, I posted to request a vote of the membership for one of two choices, A or B, to provide guidance to explicitly define the extent of membership data disclosure upon request. That vote would be held starting tonight. For now, I am withdrawing this vote request, with the following explanation.

This is still an important issue. The original request generated a spirited and wide-ranging discussion from the membership as shown by a long series of some 56 posts to date on that thread in the mailing list. The gain-from-this-pain is the insight that the “needed positive” is a more formal and objective voting mechanism. Fortunately, this is already identified as a priority and volunteers are working on it. We are a victim of our own success and growth. Our informal heritage of around-the-table, usually unanimous, voting has worked well in the past, but has more recently become a dis-service. Our current voting mechanisms in the mailing list are not apparent and the haphazard implementation and peer-pressure visuals of the Tuesday meetings feed a perception (right or wrong) by some of control by a small clique. Calling for this vote now, before the better voting procedure is in place, will only serve to feed the kerfullle.

When the “new-and-improved” formal/transparent/objective voting mechanism is in place and has passed beta test, this important requested vote on member information record keeping and privacy will be re-drafted with bipartisan wording and re-submitted. Stay tuned…

We are all makers with a shared goal to have an awesome society and a fantastic space. Each of us is a part of this evolving “DO-ocracy”. Let’s just do it (better each day with continuous improvement) and get on to celebrating better things.

By the way, Happy Mardi Gras!


:slight_smile: sounds awesome

And when the honestly of the system depends upon one person, that will be the next claim. I support a better voting system, and I think this is a step in the right direction, but I do not believe the improved system will curtain further complaints.