For Ian B.


I’ve got a 27" LED monitor with 2 HDMI and 1 VGA port that I’d like to donate to the hive if you’re interested in adding it to a computer at hive13.

On its downside, it has no VESA mounting holes.

Let me know if you’re interested. I can drop it by after Friday.

Ian W.


Yes, we can absolutely use that, thanks. I was just noting the other day that we were running a bit low on functional monitors.

  • Ian

Last time I went to the uc surplus there was like 10 monitors with HDMI for like 15-20 bucks each. I got like 3 of them to use at home and they are quite nice. Might see if any of our UC insiders might see if we can get a few more, or we could hit up the surplus as a group

i cant go at all this semester.

You know, I really need to go to that UC surplus thing one of these days…

  • Ian B.

It’s like a thriftstore or a race track, everybody talks up the huge wins, but down plays the days when there’s little of interest. I’ve been a few times (albeit a couple of decades ago) and it seemed pretty hit or miss at the time.

I think the april one should be pretty good considering it wasn't open for march.

i wonder if it is open next week during spring break? i could actuallyy make it then. i’ll check. if you are interested in going with me (assuming its open) lmk

Unless we’re out, we don’t need to be spending money on monitors. I just put 3-4 on purgatory a couple months ago.

That being said, large, donated monitors are a welcome exception. Even without mounting holes, we’ll find a good home for it at the Hive.


I’ll bring it by tomorrow or Saturday.