Focus on the positive: Accident or mishap reports

From the outside looking in, and a few grains of salt added:

I have over a decade of experience in accident review with caving. Things to keep in mind, nobody intends for an accident to happen, and people make judgement calls based on the facts they have available. Very often, people skip steps that have a time or convenience burden if they expect no negative result. So, something bad happened. Its normal for groups to argue afterward.

For perspective, no injuries, and damage was limited to property… which is replaceable. Whew!

So, the challenge becomes looking at the event as an opportunity, rather than a tragedy. From what I read, the event was not hidden, it was discussed in open meetings, and the review and repair is on going. Sounds good to me. So, keep in mind, with volunteer organizations, you can do everything perfectly, and about 20 percent of the group will be vocally opposed. That’s normal unfortunately. So, lessons learned… extra scrutiny on materials not proven, perhaps an automated heat activated extinguisher of inert gas, perhaps a normal operations inert gas blower on the work. These are projects that can build the skillset of the group. You know, there are facebook groups of diy cnc people, the hive could put out a call for aid on the project, who knows what help is avail.

And then, there is generic conflict resolution… you know if something gets too difficult to handle, an outside mediator could be brought in, or a class, there are all kinds of options. I guarantee, other maker spaces have the same issues with conflict, and all could help each other out. The bright side? Accidents like this are not normally occurring. This is a good thing. It speaks to a positive safety culture, and things generally going well. So, hang in there, its not all doom and gloom.