Flashforge on bidfta ends in 20ish mins


Ha. I was just at the school rd warehouse picking up the 12 bags of blue chips I got for 3.50. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I was there yesterday picking up a wine rack and shelving unit. Looked at it in person and it had everything. I meant to email about it sooner but forgot till I was sitting there looking at auctions while watching ready player one again.

Found an I3 plus that looks new.


I was going to bid on it and add it to the Hive printer stable.


Yeah that was my original thought on the flashforge since we already have two but I was worried we wouldn’t get reimbursed.

You guys do know that online auctions are designed to be addictive, right?


Yes I think that post is quite right.

I try and only look once a week.

Looks like someone sniped the item at $60.

I wasn’t willing to go over $50 so there you go.
I’ve had the most success for odd things that people don’t want or understand.
Just have to pick a max price and then let it go.
Weird auction end times help.

Good times.


Yeah. Mike suggests we get a new prusa I3 with the new multi-color extrusion. I’m more of the mind of a sla or dlp or similar. Lol

I got that cr10s dual z upgraded one for 90 if i remember right. I have been working on the house and our cars non stop in between surgeries however for the money bid fta treated me well. I had to stop due to all the fishong rods lmao… katie got mad at me. She picked up a big heat press with a ton of attachments for a great price however we have set it all up yet.