FirstBuild Hackathon in Louisville, 9/10-9/11

Hello, Hive13

I’m a member of LVL1 in Louisville and also work at FirstBuild and just wanted to let you guys know about a big hackathon we are hosting in September. If you haven’t heard of FirstBuild it is a pretty well equipped/funded makerspace owned by GE Appliances where we develop new Appliance products but it is also open to the public with no membership fees. This page gives an idea of the equipment available:

Details on the event are here:

Tickets are $5-$10 but meals are provided and there is usually quite a bit of swag from sponsors (in the past we’ve had Atmel, Cypress, Renesas, etc)

You can come with a team and idea but we also do teaming for individuals and have some seed ideas to get things going.

We have appliances and electronics to hack on/with, I can also try to accommodate requests if something specific is needed as long as I have a bit of lead time.



Ooops, got the dates wrong in the title, it is September 9th and 10th