First Party Date Vote

It looks like we will be voting for the date of the first party here.

I wanted to start a new discussion so that we could put everyone's
opinions in one place that way people can make an informed decision
and have a good understanding of other points of view.

I think July 25th is a good day.

I agree with Chris in "A week earlier will be a time crunch, and a
week later means we will NOT be able to avoid the neighbors".

Keep in mind any day we pick, it will be almost certain some people
will not be able to attend. *sniffle* I will miss them.

Added a suggestion for Aug 1st. Hopefully it’s move in day and we can just invite the new neighbors :slight_smile:

I can’t make July 25th or Aug 8 (out of town both days.) It’s quite true that no matter what day we pick there will be some people who can’t make it. C’est la vie.


at least three full members will be at defcon this year (me, xaphan, int80) til august 3rd. 4 if craig is going :slight_smile:

Personally, I'd much prefer it to be a date and time when everyone,
especially Jason and Craig can attend and partake but it sounds as
though any given weekend would have at least one principal member out.


Yeah, most everyone I know by face in the group is going to defcon

Just found out that I may be going to on July 25th. Not certain yet.

This Tues we have to figure out what we are doing as far as a fundraiser/party goes. We MUST raise money this month. My initial projects was a goal of $700. This was $500 for insulation and $200 for locks. I did find a lock at home depot for $116 that would suffice. Had a keypad that supported 19 combos, which should be enough. Extra features like free ingress, audit trails, etc. were not supported but we could always prop the door open. My thoughts on the keycodes would be something like:

  • Land Lords code
  • Board Member Codes
  • Full Subscriber Codes
  • Contributing Subscribe Codes
  • Monthly cash payers Codes. (Full or Contributing)

Where the Monthly cash payers code changes every month. Whoever pays gets the new code. Subscribers would also have a rotating passcode but it would usually only rotate as people dropped out.

So I know there is a lot of discussion on who can make it to the first fund raiser. No matter who can make it we need to figure out a way to raise money this month. This can be with membership drives, fund-raising parties or classes but we MUST plan something. Most costs the first month are one time costs but we do need the money for them ASAP. Currently our membership covers rent and utilities but nothing else. So keep that in mind on Tues when we are discussing what to do this month for parties and what not.

Also, you may want to bring folding chairs or camping chairs with you. We will have chairs but I’m expecting a decent turn out so it maybe best to bring your own. Parking will be primarily in the street. Do not park around back towards the dock (that is for residents)


Just to reiterate, I was thinking it might be a good idea to buy a few
pizzas when we know we're going to have a large turnout at the space
(for whatever reason, regular meetings, large projects, cinci2600,
other groups, etc). int0x80 reminded me that little caesars has some
really decent pizzas for $5 a piece. We could sell them for 1.50 a
slice and come out with some extra cash for savings, plus there's
pizza :D.


10 people at 2 slices per person with each slice being $1.50 equals
out to be $30. With each pizza having 8 slices, we would need 3 pizzas
to cover demand. If we do it every week, that's $60 every month that
we'll have extra, just for eating pizza :slight_smile:


If we do sell pizzas for $1.50 / person, we will need to have change on hand, both 1’s / 5’s / and 0.25’s

I’m confused about the results of the poll. It says 26 votes have been cast by 11 people. The current results are:

July 25 - 3 for, 3 against
Aug 1 - 2 for, 0 against
Aug 8 - 3 for, 2 against

So, it begs the question: If 11 people have voted, why is our top number of votes 6? If there are 30+ people on this mailing list, why have 70% of them chosen not to vote? We need to figure out how we’re going to use the vote as a tool to make decisions much more specifically.


This is exactly the problem that quorum is ment to solve. I do not know why google moderator let that many vote. Does it recognize unique votes? Or can people just “vote early, vote often”? Is there a better way to do this? With a forum type poll, for instance? Regardless of the reasons or our solutions I think that instituting a quorum requirement for votes is a good idea. For those not familiar we would just need a majority of voting members in order for the vote to be valid. That of course means that we have to be able to have one person one vote. I’m a big fan of boxes and pieces of paper. Just saying.


That's why we encourage them to buy 2 slices :D. 1 slice isn't enough
to fill you up, and 2 slices is $3 even. Some places, slices are $3 a

Well, the 26 votes by 11 people by itself is not alarming since you can say Yes / No to each date, the confusing part is where it tells you how many votes for each item on the list…

Assuming that each person only voted for one date (unlikely), we have a total of (3 + 3) + (2 + 0) + (3 + 2) = 13 people // votes, which does not make sense when compared to the 11 people // 26 votes. Maybe their math is off? Maybe they multiply the # of votes by 2 for some reason? Then it would be 11 people (ok) and 13 votes (ok) then 13 * 2 = 26? (not ok)

I’m a big fan of boxes and pieces of paper. Just saying.

Please, Please tell me this is a joke. I would hate to think you were honestly suggesting that we vote on a Party date because of lack of physical presence. Then suggesting we use physical presence to perform the voting. lawlz.

Just as an FYI on how the moderator voting works. 11 votes means 11 ppl voted. Which is a good number of members. The voting system works in that anybody can vote for as many or as few date “suggestions” as they want. For instance if there are 3 dates suggestion a person could log in and say, “I do not want August 1st” and not vote for anything else. 1 No vote. Or they could vote yes to all three dates. You can only vote once per suggestion but you can vote (give an opinion) on every suggestion and/or suggestion your own.

My analysis of the results is that there is not a clear great date to have a party. I don’t think we really need majority rule for this one, just a date that makes sense. Perhaps for future parties/fundraisers we should just let the members of the propaganda team figure it out amongst themselves. :slight_smile:


Eventually I would like to see the money from the vending machine pay for pizza for our meetings. I don’t mind gouging non-members for things like this but we need to be careful not to financially drain the paying members :slight_smile:


We need something that can produce a clearer result. I frankly don't
understand what happened in the GModerator poll either. The fact that
the poll is causing us all to scratch our heads is a problem. And I
don't think this is the first time GModerator has given us hard to
understand results.

If it were a choice between Gmoderator and physical presence, I would
also choose physical presence. But it's a false dichotomy. We just
need to find a different tool, or else figure out what the heck is
going on with the Gmoderator tool. I liked the survey-like quiz that
Craig built for the vote on whether to sign the lease. That was
straightforward and easy to understand.