First Casting Pour Live Stream! 6:00PM Sunday, Jan. 31, 2021

Hey everyone! I’d like to invite you to join a live-stream of Hive13’s first castings being poured with our new investment casting equipment!

I’ll be running the burnout cycle to cast 2 flasks Sunday, starting in the morning, with the intention of starting a live stream around 6:00PM to actually melt the metal and make the pours.

I hope anyone interested will join in and watch!

On Sunday, you can join with Google Meet here:

I’ll be doing two melts and pours, one bronze and one silver for the two flasks containing the waxes shown below.


Kevin M.

Kayla and I’s waxes to be cast in bronze:

Dave S.'s, Lisa’s, and I’s waxes, to be cast in silver:

Bump for interest! I’ll be doing this tomorrow evening.

I have started the burnout cycle on the flasks, they have to run 2 hours at 300f, 2 hours at 700f, 3 hours at 1350f, then hold at 1000f till casting time (at least 1 hour). So it looks like we are one track to cast just slightly later than the 6:00 on streaming time. I’ll start streaming at 6:00, we can talk about the wax carving process and tools, then the investment process and tools, and I can answer any questions before we start to melt and pour. I look forward to seeing whoever decides to tune in!

-Kevin M.

Live now!

First pour (Bronze):

Second pour (Sterling Silver):

Thanks for sharing the live feed!!