file sharing

Has anyone tried a free file sharing site called Dropbox?

I need to share some mp3 recordings I made of some lectures and the recipient is having trouble getting them via email. Any other suggestions? The files are 5-20 mb size range.

Yes. It’s great. Many of us use it extensively.

There are alternatives, but none as fast or easy to configure. It’s an extraordinarily good solution for simple file transfer, particularly among nontechnical users.

Thanks, I just installed it and they give you 2Gb for free. Looks perfect and I liked the ‘your files are your property’ statements in the terms.

I use dropbox frequently, and have found it very convenient. I sometimes use Google Drive for large files, it’s functionally pretty similar to dropbox and has 5GB free (and if you have gmail you already have an account).
I’m curious, anyone using the new MEGA site yet? ( 50GB free storage plus encryption sounds nice…


I am a fan of DropBox, but they have had a couple of high profile security breaches:

If you have anything personal that you want to keep in DB i highly recommend putting it in an encrypted container file before putting it in DB. My personal fave is TrueCrypt.

TC also works nicely with, I keep a portable version of Fire Fox with all of my favorite plugins pre-installed.

I’d like to propose OwnCloud at:

for a general purpose solution. It requires you to have your own virtual infrastructure, but it’s good if you have it; I use it exclusively myself.

As for hosted options, look at SpiderOak.

Dropbox is great. You can also try Google Drive. If you just need to send to one person, you can look at a service like or