Filament for Gigabot

I just purchased a bunch of PLA filament for the Gigabot. I bought 4 rolls of black, 3 rolls of natural and one roll of white off of eBay. Got a great deal at around $15 each, shipped.

I’ll bring them down when they arrive.


Thanks Bill!

Bill can you share the link in eBay for the filament

Sure, the link to the seller is here:

I bought them in Auction… not a buy it here… but their buy it here is only ~$20 per roll which is still a great deal.


You know those eBay bids you make where you’re sure you won’t win it… but actually do… Yep, that’s me… just got another set (two black, one white and one natural) for $20!s

We have plenty of PLA now.


I’m going to need to print a bunch of parts for the PCB etcher I want to build. Can I chip in some cash and use some of it?

Help yourself when it comes in… there is going to be 24lbs on top of the 8 we already have there!


Thanks Bill, this is awesome!

On a related topic, how close is the Gigabot to general use? Could I plug in my laptop and try to print something, or are you still in the middle of optimizing?

It’s very close… just need to fine tune the bed level. I have a good Slic3r profile to use that I can post when I get down there. It has .1, .25, .32 and .45 mm resolutions all preset for the PLA.

You can print right now with it, but you’ll have to “manually” adjust the z offset in gcode prior to printing if you don’t print exactly in the center. I also brought down the 12" x 12" silicone heater pad for it but we need to hook it up to a power supply and wire it into the electronics.


Thanks again for all your work on this Bill. :slight_smile: