Filament extruder for recycling prints

Greets all,

Have been hugely busy the last month so haven’t had time outside work, travel and prototyping here at home. I’ve been working a lot with my fdm printer here designing various things and have a pile of print scrap I’ve been saving to turn back into filament. Don’t how many of you amongst the group is largely into 3d modeling and printing but though it would be something to look into getting or building would be a filament extruder. Helps save on the cost of filament down the road and keeps it out of the recycle bin. Thoughts?


There’s a partially assembled Filastruder kit somewhere in the Fablab. You might have a fiddle with that before stating an entirely new project. I think one more Filastruder kit is somewhere amongst the membership. I seem to remember two being ordered at the time.

  • Ry

Alrighty, I'll take a look around there Tuesday evening.

The one at Hive was Franklin’s. He said that he traded / sold it to Ian Wilson who has lost interest. Long story short, it is now, essentially, a Hive13 donated item.

I’ve been meaning to get going on a recycle bot as well. The tricky part is the grinding up and cleaning of filament, failed prints, etc. Blenders and such work to an extent, but it seems best to build a grinder…

Well, I have a larger paper shredder that’s mostly disassembled that may work for thinner parts but not sure if it would have the umph to chew up larger items without fitting a new gearbox to it and a larger motor…