[FeedbackMe] SCinciHacks Update/Details

Hi All,

I’m putting the finishing touches on a beefy detail/FAQ document for the upcoming Oct22/23 hackathon at the Hive and need your help!

I’ve added comments to the parts I hope for feedback on - check out the document here.

In addition… What questions do you still have? What seems wrong/clueless/silly?

Please note: THIS IS NOT FINAL. It’s subject to change, pending Dave et alia’s approval.

Once I get a few “plus ones”, I’ll post it at scincihacks.tumblr.com, tweet about it from twitter.com/scincihacks, and send it to the “SCinciHacks” Google Group. If you’re interested, you should subscribe, follow, and join respectively.


There will be an informational meeting/meet & greet at the Hive on
Friday, Aug 26 from 7p - 9p. All interested who can attend please do