Feedback on a HIVE property tag system?

As demonstrated by the Open House, HIVE13 is now much cleaner and
ready to grow to the next level. In recent meetings, there has been
discussion on initiating a property management system, as other
hackerspaces have done. It would be a way to organize and control the
accumulation of stuff.

We are a cooperative community, driven primarily by consensus and the
principle of “do-ocracy” (If you want something done, do it, but
remember to be excellent to each other when doing so.). Excellent
property management is the responsibility of all members, however we
choose to implement it.

This email is to solicit your discussion and feedback on this topic.

One (rather complete) approach is described in the following link from
the members at the Twin Cities Maker Hack Factory maker space in
Minneapolis, Minnesota:

GREEN tag = parking permit
RED tag = parking ticket
ORANGE tag = borked or broken notice
YELLOW tag = project invitation
BLUE tag = Up-for-grabs notice

Certainly colorful... Your thoughts?


This links to images of their actual colored tickets (1/4 of an
8.5"x11" page)

I think it seems like a great idea

I started developing a simple web-based inventory system for the space back in 2010 but I never really got around to finishing it. If this is something people would be interested in using I’d be happy to start development again. I could host it on my VPS if that’s an issue, let me know.

-Justin (XiO2)

I too think this is a good idea.

Also, when people inevitably decide to revolt against the entire system sometime in the future, they can start off the revolution by casting out the entire system by placing on it “Parking Ticket” and “Borked or Broken” tags with vitriolic denunciations written all over them and signed by The People™. This is clearly a bonus.

Definitely a good system Jim! I will go ahead and print up a stack of them and start documenting it on our wiki, etc so it’s more official.


Also will be nice to denote personal property vs. hive property even more clearly.