Featured on Make!


Congrats dudes!

Thanks for sending this to the group, Ian. I saw this on my Google
alert the other day and tweeted about it and linked it in IRC, but
didn't think to send it to the mailing list (or post it to our
Facebook groups, for that matter.) As Chris said on IRC today..

-16:57:42- [@cjdavis]: jeez, we have GOT to unify all these different systems..
-16:58:25- [@cjdavis]: mailing list / groups, IRC, twitter, facebook,
blog, wiki, flickr...

I agree :slight_smile:

Big ups to Chris and Paul and anyone else who worked on the LED window!


We’ve had over 2000 people watch Paul’s video embedded on that link, I’d really like to know how many people read the info on the page / RSS feed alone.

Now we need to get it working with mplayer so we can watch videos on it. Starwars at 7x8, yeah!