FDM 2000

Hey everyone,

Last meeting we discussed selling a couple of items that have been sitting around the hive and one of those items was the FDM 2000 3d printer that has been sitting in the fablab for the last while.

Seeing as how it has sat unused even after we paid to have electricity run specifically for it I see no reason to keep it around. While most newer 3d printers we can obtain don’t have as large of a build area newer ones far surpass this one in quality.

If you have any objections voice them here by the end of next Monday. If there are no objections it will be sold.


I agree that it should be sold. It is a neat device, but it is taking
up a lot of room and has been there untouched for over a year (or a
very long time). It would take some work to get it running and no one
has taken the initiative in this time to do anything with it. I think
we could use that money for something more useful, and it would also
free up some space in the fab lab! We currently have access to other
3D printers that actually work (true with a smaller build area and
lower quality) and take up less space. So I say sell it for sure and
use the money for something awesome, like dinosaur robots that shoot
lasers, or a holographic cat to keep us company!!

I say keep it, because it’s preventing the Fab lab from floating off into space.

Seriously, it’s about as useful as an ex-boyfriend. Get rid of it!

Holographic cats FTW!

I’m all in favor of getting rid of it and using the money for more productive things.


purely out of curiosity, what would it take to get it printing?

Somebody to buy it

After the meeting tonight it has been agreed upon that the FDM 2000 will be sold. I will deal with the listing/selling/shipping as required and coordinate with other people at the hive to make sure we get a fair deal and everything goes smoothly.