Fanuc Robotics (or other) Internship Opportunities?

Hi All,

I'm currently studying electrical engineering at Olin College, a small
place out in Boston.
I'm a born Cincinnatian and would, optimally, like to be doing
programming or hardware development in Cinci over summer.

Fanuc Robotics and Rockwell Automation have caught my eye as two
places that sound awesome to work.
Does anyone at The Hive have ties to either company? If so, could I
pick your brain with regards to internships?

Alternatively, is your engineering company looking for extra hands
over summer?

Thanks a ton!


I have some insights into Fanuc and Rockwell I could share. Will you
be home for the holidays? I will be out-of-own this coming Tuesday,
but maybe we could meet at the HIVE on some other Tuesday meeting
night before you go back to school.


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