Fan in metal room

I gave the Trebuchet (we need a cool name) an initial coat of black/yellow paint and I left it in the metal room with the exhaust fan running.
If someone is there Sunday night, feel free to turn off the exhaust fan if the paint has stopped venting stinky fumes.



So what other plans are there for the paint job on the trebuchet? Are you thinking about adding some highlights for decoration?

Yes it is open for “interpretation”
I just wanted to give it some base colors and see how it looked.
I was thinking of black/yellow stripes on the arm.

Feel free to take a cut at dressing it up. Try to leave the very end of the arm unpainted as the release pin/ring is sensitive. In fact, we may want to put clear packing tape along the slide at the bottom to not wear off the paint as it is used.