Fan/Blower for glass work fume extraction

Could some of our members with access to HVAC equipment do me a favor and be on the lookout for a blower we can use for fume extraction at the glass bench? something in the 400+ CFM range would be fine, bonus points for small and quiet. I’m thinking along the lines of something that can be mounted in a window AC unit case.


-Kevin M.

I have a somewhat ready access to HVAC furnace blowers from old furnaces but these will probably be much more than 400 CFM.

Are you thinking of a fume hood or a room vent?

Closer to the fume hood end of the spectrum. Pretty much need the same thing as for welding fume extraction, typically have a duct with a scoop that pulls fumes laway from the local source.

some quick examples of people’s workbenches:

download (1).jpg