Fan between Hive main & Annex

I was looking for the learn to solder equipment and I noticed a squirrel cage fan up near the ceiling by the wood storage. I went into the annex and there’s a big wood blank in that same spot. I removed the blank and sure enough that’s the output of that fan. I guess it’s to provide air into the annex.
Now that we pay rent in the annex too, I wonder if it’s worth keeping open?

Maybe we could put a damper on the outlet and/or find the switch that controls the fan.

How well does the fan run, how quiet is it, also being right by the wood working, should we add a filter to it so we are not getting sawdust in the annex? I think a “fresh” air option in the annex couldn’t hurt.



I agree, maybe a filter at the opening in the Annex.

As far as noise, it’s been running for a few years now. It seems pretty quiet.


It wasn’t quiet enough, so I turned it off. :smiley:

(The fan is controlled by the mysterious light switch over by the large CNC machine)

  • Ry

How about we put a label on the switch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: