Family nights at Hive

I’d like to get some family nights started at Hive. This would allow families with kids & teens to bring them in at a designated time with a member / members to supervise. Also, parents would need to be present, attentive, and sign waivers as legal guardians. This makes it easy and fun.

I’d like to start off with some of the teens from our work with Breakthrough Cincinnati. This would be electronics, 3d printing, and coding oriented (no man-killing machines) to provide a “soft start”. This is something that the students and families are very interested in.

I think this is a great idea! My schedule is kind of crazy for now, but I’ll help if I’m available…especially on the 3D design/ 3d Printing side.

We currently allow children attended by a legal guardian, that Child’s safety is currently the responsibility of the parent as it… by making a group (designated member/members) effort to supervise, we can head toward legal liability issues for accidents i rather not see.

Actually I think " a parent is responsible for this children (no drop off daycare)" would be fine.
We can disable the “man killing” machines and keep a general watch over the place.

Of course I don’t want Lord of the Flies, but introducing a child to some cool tech is vey inspiring.


I reccomend lockout tagout devices on the mankillers*, but that’s just me being a safety nazi,
And honestly? You can hurt yourself on a lot of ‘safe’ equipment and tools at the hive… It takes some effort, but it’s possible to get a finger stabbed on a sewing machine, You can drill your finger with the drill press, Burn yourself with a soldering Iron, Heck, cut yourself with a kitchen knife, Flying chips from any tool, That’s one of the realities at the Hive, and why people sign waivers.

Maybe instead of shutting down the ‘dangerous’ machines, would it be better to shut down the ones that could be seriously damaged by someone randomly messing with it? I think I remember Brad saying something to the effect that the metal lath would continue to cut all the way down into the base holding the stock?


  • a simple way to "safe’ a lot of machinery is just putting a locking box around the power plug. If you aren’t super concerned, the box can be made of wood, or just about anything, or even a preexisting locking box with a slot cut in it just large enough for the cord to go through, but trap the plug inside.

Daniel, read my original message – “parents would need to be present, attentive, and sign waivers as legal guardians”. They’re waiving liability, not their guardianship. Hive members officiating would be good hosts not lifeguards.

correction: “they’re waiving hive’s liability” aka affirming that they are liable and responsible for everything, including filacide.

Lorin, I know what you said, I still think there is a potential liability issue by the nature of such event, waiver or not. Also every daycare would just have a waiver if that was the case. By us specifying we will have someone to watch/care/supervise/corral the kids we are stepping dangerously close to that area of providing daycare service, which we need to look at our insurance, state and local laws and more to see if we are.

Beyond that, In the past we had a regular monthly board game night where I would provide nearly my full library of board games, this was stop due to a member coming sitting his kids at the board game area then working on projects for hours, then they all leave (leaving behind a mess) I was pushed to clean up their mess the the COO at the time. Between becoming a maid and the inherent legal responsibilities of watching kids, I stopped the board game night.

Having a family friendly night is different than having an event where we watch your kids for you. The first, you are still responsible for the kids, the second we are, waiver or not.

I don’t think Lorin meant it was a daycare style drop off.
More of a “bring your kids to see the Hive”. Parents must stay with, and be responsible, for them.
If someone left their kids at the 3D printer then left to do project work, that would be uncool.
We would specifically spell out what it was about.

I support this event and I think it would be great.


Electronics, 3D printing, and coding… Those sound like pretty good stuff to start with… I could maybe help with the soldering part of the electronics, but otherwise my experience with electronics is pretty old.

Lorin, any idea what day of the week you might do this? Everything keeps happening on Tuesdays, so I suggest NOT Tuesday!!


Daniel, I think it’s a miscommunication. I am talking about a family friendly night offering.

Brad says it well. Any activities or themes of said nights would be kid & parent activities. It’s not about kids, it’s about encouraging kids and parents to do things together & check out the hive. It’s about making people feel welcome.

Children doing things without parents is not an option. Plus, it’s not baby night at hive – most of the interest is from engaged parents with older kids / teens who just don’t understand our rules. This allows us to spell rules out plainly and be inclusive.

Based off how Brad explained it, i like the idea! An interactive open house for families makes more sense. I dont believe we’d need a specoal waiver as our already covers children and i thought had a line for guardian.