Fablab Warden Hours (16 NOV 19)

Sorry! I never made a post about it, but I had to cancel warden hours last minute due to work travel.

I will be at the hive in the morning in an attempt to make up for my miscalculation. I should be there early (<8am) until ~noon.

(I blame Brad? Yea. It was his fault?)

Sure I take all the blame. (From Norfolk VA)
But none of the responsibility. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m going to be aligning the big laser at 11am. It’s drifting out of alignment fairly often so we will lock the threads with lacquer.


There is a bottle of loctite 222 (low strength purple stuff) on the Roland cart, please use that instead of lacquer, it will have a nice consistent and low release torque, and is way more reliable and easier to remove than lacquer.

I would also take a step back to make sure we haven’t missed one of the adjustment bolts. I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking things only to find a hidden bolt that was loose.

I’m used to blue and green. purple eh?
red is for when you mean it…