FabLab Mondays


I mentioned this at the meeting this week, but wanted to post to the list too.

The time has come for me to reduce my commitment to being at the Hive
every Monday night. I'll still be able to come sometimes, but coming
two nights a week every single week is too much right now.

Since the beginning of MakerBot Mondays, I've tried to always either
be at the space on Mondays or have someone else there to let newcomers
in if they show up. I've always told people that Mondays are the best
time to come to get introduced to our Fab Lab tools instead of
Tuesdays when there is a lot going on. Since I won't always be there
I don't want to make the promise to the general public that Mondays is
a good time to show up unexpected. Unless someone else wants to take

If anyone wants to take over Monday nights, or maybe even split it
with me, then we can keep Monday nights as the best "alternate" night
for new people to come. If not, I think I'll take it off the Google
calendar and re-word some of the pages on the wiki so that they don't
give the idea that someone will always be there.

I'll still come as often as I can on Tuesdays and to other events too.
I'm still willing to teach people the MakerBot and the Laser Cutter
when I am available.


I may be able to be there something like every other Monday, but the problem is that I am not very knowledgeable about FabLab matters and have never even used the Makerbot.

I would also be interested in seeing Fablab continue and could commit to every other Monday. Also a rookie but interested in learning!

I’m planning on coming down Monday to try to soak up some more learning from Dave Meninger.
It sounds like beween Robert, Hodapp and me we can cover Mondays.
-Dave B.