FabLab lesson request

Hey all,

the hive wiki says FabLabs are by request only. Does anyone have the time and inclination to teach basic functions and how to not break the equipment? If so, when is best for you?

We have had several new members recently join and I have a feeling a lot of them would be interested in some of the equipment that requires training. We often did training on a per request basis but it might be better to offer a training day soon.

Any volunteers?

I’m planning to drop off my application to join this Tuesday. I too am interested in a training session as soon as is convenient. In particular, I am really keen to get on the “allowed to fire the laser” list.

Hey all,
I could do a simple training on the laser at some point - when is a good date?

I’d be interested in getting checked out on the laser too!

I'd like in on a lesson as well. Returning as a member because DAMN
you guys have been busy since it all started with jason bailey and the
OG hive13 crew in 2010. I'm very excited to have access to the fab