Fablab improvements v1.06

Hello everyone!

So today Jon and I tidied up the fablab a bit today, as well as moved some of the equipment around (see picture). The small laser cutter is on the same wall as the big laser, the computer desk is where the small laser was, and the old cabinet out in the meeting(-ish) area was brought in to store all the miscellaneous printer parts, tools, and various laser supplies.

The cabinet will most likely be temporary, however in the future we would like to look into getting a bigger cabinet so materials fit easier into this supply cabinet. Fair warning, the cabinet is a bit top heavy, so use caution when opening/closing the drawers. Also, supplies weren’t stacked with the greatest of care, so be mindful of falling supplies.

The Ventilation is a lot higher now, so if you are tall (like me) you won’t have to constantly duck to avoid the… um… ducts. We have both lasers plugged into the fablab computer, so there is no more need to unplug and replug in the usb for the big laser anymore. Jon did discover through that if you have both lasers turned on, no matter which easycut we go into, the computer defaults to the small laser. So for now just have one laser turned on at a time and you’ll be golden.

Finally, I wanted to mention that all this effort was put into the fablab because I decided to throw in as the fablab warden. I love 3d printing, and I’m getting pretty comfortable with the laser equipment, so hopefully I can keep this place all nice and pretty so everyone can enjoy the fablab as much as I do. While I won’t be fix the equipment (I’m looking at you gigabot!), I will be keeping the place organized, help people use the machines, and let those more capable than I know if anything is broken.

That’s all I got for now, I’ll try to keep the mailing list posted on any further developments in the area! =)


Awesome! Thanks for cleaning up the area. I think it really helps people get more comfortable to work in the area and ask questions.

Hopefully see you Saturday.

Looks good, awesome work!

Thanks for stepping up to be Fab Lab Area Warden, Dustin! Your initiative continues to make the Hive a better space. We are glad to see this move.



Hey this looks great. But Ryan mentioned in a different thread that a second computer for the large laser is coming soon ish. Is there room the large laser for a computer

I was in there today, and I love the set up. The computer appears to work perfectly for either laser, so I’d leave it alone… unless we can replace the computer for both of them, but I like the fact that you can work with either without issue.