Fab Lab Night tonight - lazzzor (and beer brewing)


In case you haven’t heard yet: the laser cutter we ordered has arrived, has been set up, and is working great. We’ll be working on learning more about it and cutting some designs tonight. At this moment, only a handful of members know how to operate the laser cutter, but we are trying to expand that number. As soon as we are able, we plan to hold a real class on its use and we will maintain an official list of Laser Cutter Operators. I hereby volunteer to teach that class.

Due to the space taken up by the laser cutter, we have re-arranged the two office rooms quite a bit in the last week or so. The other tools and space in the Fab Lab are not usable at the moment. Additionally, as Chris mentioned, we moved the server rack. Not everything that was hooked up before has been hooked back up yet. So, in addition to playing with the new toy, we’ll also be spending some effort tonight putting the facility back together so that it’s useful again. If there are things that used to be working that are no longer working for you, let us know and we’ll figure it out.

Finally, I’ve had word that we’ll be having a demo of beer brewing tonight simultaneous to “Fab Lab night”, so if you’re interested in that, please do stop by.


How about a post and a photo of the new laser for those of us that are
out-of-town waiting to see it?



It looks great!