Fab Lab move this Saturday, the 23rd

We finally have all of the prerequisites done! The move is finally happening!

We could use some help moving all of the equipment. The cabinets and the 3D printer shelves will have to be torn down and set back up, so many hands make light work.

We’ll start doing the move around noon.

Bump for visibility. We could use your help.

I’m in.

I’m hoping/planning to come by from 12:00-1:30 atleast, any prediction on how long the whole project will be going till?

I should be out there after 1:30 ish.


I’m running a little late, having not finished with an upgrade project at work until 04:00 this morning. I should appear at the Hive between noon and 13:00.

Lately on this reorganization project, Greg and I tend to work until 6ish, break for dinner, then push brooms around before leaving for the evening. Help is cheerfully accepted during the entire timeframe.

  • Ry

Sorry guys, meeting in early afternoon ran way late. And now swamped with homework assignments.
If you think it’ll carry into Sunday or Monday let me know please.

Sorry I didn’t make it in. Bad day. From the webcam, it looks like a lot is already done! Anything I could help out with tomorrow or later this week?

I’m thinking I would like to enlist a few people to help clean out the lasers and do needed maintenance a couple evenings this week. In the process, anyone who’s interested in learning more about lasers, optics, electronics, high voltage, etc would be welcome. I’d also like to document everything for the wiki… LMK if there are any takers.

We should take the opportunity to get these machines well serviced and hooked up right. It’ll work out a lot better if more people learn how to take care of the equipment, and how everything works.


We had sufficient people to move the majority of the heavy equipment into the annex. After pulling most of the ducting down from the FabLounge roof, we unfortunately came up short a few parts for exhaust line construction. Dinner time rolled around, and between the parts shortage and needing time for drywall compound to dry, we decided to call a halt for the day.

Ducting issues aside, the new layout allows easy access to all sides of the laser cutters and the Gigabot. Hopefully this will ease maintenance of those machines. I’m certainly interested in laser refurb this week, if we can accomplish anything sans exhaust.

The 3D printer shelf is not functional either. We’re tentatively planning on moving it closer to the door once the drywall repair is complete, so I’m hesitant to rearrange things entirely. Anyone needing the Ultimaker in the meantime could easily connect it.

Much work remains establishing better workflow and layout of the laser and 3D control computers in the coming weeks. We also need to consider flexible work/layout tables for the remainder of the space in the room.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted today.

  • Ry