Fab Lab Compression

The fab lab has been rearranged to make better use of the available space.

The gigabot has (finally) been placed on the completed stand and moved into the corner adjacent to the laser cutter. 3D printer components and consumables can be found nearby on the gray shelving unit. The 3D modeling workstation and supporting hardware have moved to the table next to the laser cutter PC. Office and craft supplies formerly on that table are primarily in the black vertical filing cabinet under the table. Some additional random bits of hardware made their way to the gray shelves outside the fablab door.

I’d like to think the new locations for everything should be intuitively obvious, but I’m sure this will not be the case for all forms of intuition. Just ask me about any items which have seemingly disappeared.

Thanks to Daniel McNamara and Jim Shealy for help with the heavy lifting.

  • Ry

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The fab lab looks outstanding! Thanks guys!

I do have some concern that the gigabot is now significantly harder to access for the purposes of changing filament, bed leveling, etc. Only 1 of the 4 sides is really approachable. What do you think about switching its location with the 2D (paper) printer or finding another solution? I’ll be at the meeting tonight…


If it helps I have more rack shelving I can donate. Its bolt together not rivet but I have the bolts.


Dave -

Much appreciated. Sturdy modular shelving like that can always be put to good use. Let me know if you need a hand loading or unloading.

Right now I need to find a babysitter… I’m going to try to make it down tonight. If I can’t make it, I’ll send Shadoxx down with the shelves in my truck. :slight_smile:

you mean you dont want to bring the girls with you? :slight_smile: