Fab Lab classes survey

Here is another informal and unverified survey for Hive enjoyment!

I’m deciding what Fab-Lab-related classes to prioritize in the next few months. If you are interested in 3D printing, Laser cutting, or related classes, please take a look.

Here is the survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/Tw5uMzcCSwau1irp2

“3D Printing for Sex Dungeon Accessories” is not included as an option, but you can always write it in.


Well, didn’t take long for 1 person to submit the same answer 50 times. Guess I’ll chalk that up as “someone really really wants to learn the big laser” :slight_smile:

FYI, I will try to schedule the most popular picks sooner, but this will also depend on what equipment is fully functional and whether I’m able to get up to speed myself.