Fab Lab Calipers

Is anything wrong with the fablab digital calipers? I found them in the kitchen trash can this evening… which is exactly the sort of thing I’d do in anger if an inaccurate measuring tool had caused me to ruin a project. I’m pleading not guilty on this one though.

They seem to be working okay. Does anyone know what happened?

  • Ry

No idea here. And I don’t think Oliver’s been down there to throw them away :wink: …in all seriousness, if it was possibly Oliver, let me know. At home he likes to throw things away, but I think it’s BC of the swinging lid.


They attacked me… I had to put them down .

I have no idea what happened.

Well, if someone forgot to tell me that a millimeter is 6x longer than it was previously you can fish them out. I chucked them as I refuse to adapt to changes in SI units.


You can use the 123 blocks we have under the mill if you want to check their calibration.