Fab Lab and Lounge

I noticed that the Air Conditioners made a mess on the carpet in the FabLab and louge when I was in the space last night. I’m going to bring down my vaccuum cleaner, carpet shampooer, and floor dryer and attempt to clean up the mess.

Please take care when entering these areas after I vacuum because they may still be wet.

If you have any questions, or, want to help me move furniture so that we can get the carpets completely clean, I’d love to have some help!


Elly and I will help you if you haven’t done it already! Any clue what time/date you are thinking of doing this?

Thanks for the offer, but, I’ve already got it done, outside for moving the tables on the walls. I did pull out the couches and vacuumed/scrubbed/steamed all of the carpet.


Wow you rock! Was it really bad?

It wasn’t bad, but, when I came back in today, there’s still a faint outline of where the water damage occurred.

Looking at the base of the A/C unit, there’s some water damage to the wood that we’ll need to replace. I might enlist some help from someone with more home improvement skills to assist me in this endeavor sometime in the next two or three weeks.