Extended Google IO Event


Any interest in hosting one at Hive13?

this is relevant to my interests.

keynote (9am PDT on June 27)

I think we have gotten fairly good feedback on having this event. I haven’t registered yet and want to see if what type of availability we have to make sure somebody is ‘running’ the event during the proper times. I think you can specify what day(s) you want to host an extended event. So if we can’t cover the full time we just need to tell them when registering. I’m going out of town next week but when I get back I will probably register. So if anybody is free to participate in some way, let me know so I can get an idea of what we can support.


I was going to add this as a topic at our next GDG meeting. I think it would be a great idea but wasn’t sure what the attendance would be given the conference is during business hours and is a three day commitment. We would have to make sure at least one HIVE13 member is there at all times as people will likely come and go. I would hate for someone to show up late in the afternoon to find the place empty. The event would be on June 27-29, 2012 from noon-8pm ET and there are typically key notes each morning to start the conference. (which would be lunch time for us)

There is a good registration/promotion process at the site Craig referenced so we would get some good visibility. If we register via GDG Cincinnati we might even be able to get some swag for attendees.

Let’s discuss at the next HIVE13 meeting.