Experimental Music Show at Hive13 - This Thursday, July 14th


I’ve been in contact with a musician that goes by the name Mu. He expressed an interest in playing a show at Hive13 this week and we’ve arranged for him to perform on Thursday night after the Lockpicking Forensics Group wraps up their meeting around 9pm.

Mu will be playing with another experimental music group called LitterBoxFriends and may also be able to get another artist to perform as well - that’s still TBD.

Sorry for the short notice. I’ll put together a blog post and possibly Facebook event for this show. I’ll talk more about it at the meeting tonight.


P.S. - A sample of Mu’s music can be found here: http://humanhoodrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/thaniel-ion-lee-mu-split-single

Now we have an excuse to make a bad ass sound system…