experimental music at the Cincinnati Public Library

Sorry, I got the date wrong it was last Wednesday not tomorrow. Here is the schedule.

1/16 – IOVAE (ambient noise tape manipulation)
2/13 – BANG BROS! (dueling drum machines, Boston, MA), BRICKMEAT (spaced out sax duo from CCM), HORAFLORA (grapefruit, electric toothbrushes, & balloons, Oakland, CA)
3/20 – HADRON COLLIDER (feedback & drone + psychedelic projections)
4/3 – WORKS FOR A PREPARED LIBRARY (multimedia celebration of chance operations)
4/17 – TOWL (excellent chillwave)
5/15 – THRIFTSOREBORATORIUM (circuit bending wizards)
6/19 – JENNIFER JOLLEY (computer compositions)

The facebook page has other interesting links and events. Might be some good leads for Cincinnati Makerfair 2013.