Everything you ever need in life... is already being thrown away by somebody else

Fume hoods… likely should be in the university surplus system. But hey! If you were needing one, there it is. Odds are they are not pulling the roof mounted fans and such, but if they are likely that stuff is headed for the scrapper too.


aye this is true. But you really don’t know what they’ve been used for before. And they are at the surplus sales fairly often. I just really hesitate when I see a used hood to use it for anything other than science. Thats just one chemist’s perspective though.

I would be a bit careful. If you are buying it for simple stuff like spray painting or soldering then you are probably OK.
When someone sees an “official” fume hood, the they think they can safely work on hexamethyldeath.
Fume hoods are regularly checked and certified for a reason. Weird eddy currents and dead spots can form, which don’t properly evacuate the atmosphere (that’s bad). If we were to get one I would spray paint it “not for dangerous fumes”.
Thinking you are safe, when you are not, is way worse then knowing you are not safe.
Just putting my safety hat on.

As long as we are talking about fume evacuation. Perhaps we could make a range hood setup for the fan in the metal room.
I’ve also seen articulated fume extraction for welding, looks like those magnifying lens thingy on multi jointed arms with tension springs. Then you move the mini (metal) hood by the area you are working on. Here is a website (should get an award for the cool name) of a company that makes them.

I’m not proposing we buy one, maybe make one . . . . . .

I have some small experience with hoods, hood inspections, osha, 40 CFR, and universities. Bottom line? If the group is uncomfortable with a used hood in any way, it is a no purchase situation. I did not mean to offend.

Biggest problem hood wise is lab standard vs general industry, air changes/hr. Most return air systems, the air needs be ducted for heat exchange, otherwise the HVAC costs go through the roof. This cost was usually the reason the ventilation was not being used or installed. If I recall it is more than 10 and less than 20 air exchanges an hr for a lab space. For some reason 16 sticks out. Easiest buffer/exchange I can think of is a double walled pipe the length of the building, giving plenty of room to exchange heat. I want that for my shop.

I guess the biggest challenge would be the engineering to add local ventilation also. One of the easiest checks? The industrial light and majic smoke machines using water/glycerin fog… that was our go to prove a hood was not working when departments argued against a failed hood. There are smoke sticks like cigarettes, but not of course tobacco too. Nothing quite like filling a room or building with fog, oh the arguments that causes. Biggest failure cause? Non laminar flow due to obstructions (chock o block full past all reason), or return air too powerful thus pulling the air right out of the hood into the room.

This seems like it would be perfect as a spray booth, and price appears to be transportation, and the space it would take in the hive. Am I missing something Dave/Tiffany?

Biosafety level 2 or higher bugs make me nervous. This doesn’t look like a bsl2 hood but that doesnt mean it wasn’t used for that or in a lab with them.

Alternatively, random chemicals left on the surfaces.

I just prefer to err on the side of caution, but that’s just me. Again, personal opinion.

Makes perfect sense. I was assuming they wouldn’t just sell something like that so carelessly, but then again, large organizations… You’re right, you never know.

Yeah, um whoever sent it to surplus didn’t clean it. I’m sure. Lol.

How about something like this? https://hgrinc.com/?all=1&view&aisle&from&to&markdowns&newarrivals&sort=p-lth&kw=fan&per_page=48&min_price&max_price&pn=2&search_type&last_chance if the link does not work, search for “fan.” CWWood in cinci has abit of stuff too. I think their prices on used machinery a tad high, but then… hrs driving count also.

Another scroungy: http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/grd/5834053400.html

Ironically I just ordered a rag bucket for the woodshop. The cart seems like a rusted out POS, but it might be easily cleanable. I don’t think we have any cylinders to move around yet.