greetings hivemind!!

we NEED your thoughts and feelings (and i know you got plenty) on what parades we are doing THIS YEAR. i will also list parades for NEXT YEAR so we have some goals in mind.


  • Pride
  • Blink
    Pride will be in June and is an easy route to walk, just a lot of waiting like every other parade unless you’re at the front. everyone is rooting for you, celebrating, and just wants to have a good time. Super low stress (minus getting checked in) and there’s fun stuff to do when the parade ends. With what interest I have received so far, I think we don’t have enough for a booth but definitely enough to walk. We will absolutely have a theme and make cool stuff. This is a daytime parade.

Blink is my big goal for this year to get us out there. It requires MUCH more work to get into and there’s still a chance you won’t be selected. To get in we need a killer proposal, good budget (they may send us some funds), and a clear presence in the community. I think we have the good presence but the other two will push us across the line. Applications typically open in spring if memory serves correctly so I’d like to see who can commit (walking, building, talking) NOW so we can get talking about ideas based on previous years’ themes so we have something to build off of. This is an evening/nighttime parade.


  • Bockfest
  • Opening Day
  • Pride

Bockfest celebrates Cincinnati’s German history with bock beer, goats, and shenanigans. If you want to see the parade itself, it’s on Friday March 4th and you MAY see a familiar face with CRG. this would be fun, low stress, and goofy. More adult-centered but kids can attend and the parade ends with food and beer. Did I mention there’s goats? I’m a fan of the goats. This is an evening parade.

Opening Day is a Cincinnati staple. How we behave at all previous parades WILL factor in to if we get into this parade. This is family friendly, kids welcomed, and a walkable route. I know we’ve participated in the past but I don’t know how much overlap the panel that approved us has with the next panel. Once again, HOW WE BEHAVE AT PREVIOUS PARADES FACTORS IN. It’s one of the biggest parades in town so visibility will be HIGH. This is a daytime parade.

Pride. It happens (hopefully) every year. Yeah.

lmk if you wanna help with Pride or Blink BEFORE FEB 28TH. we got big goals in mind.

email: kostas.perentesis@hive13.org
slack: @mortuarymaven