Erlanger Library Programs - Interested?

Hello everyone! I am the Young Adult Programming Librarian at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Public Library system in Northern Kentucky. I am posting here to see if anyone is interested in coming out to my library to offer programs and/or classes for my adult and teen patrons! I looked around your website and wiki and saw that you have some interesting projects going right now, like the Sky Tracker, RFID Access and tracking, lockpicking forensics, and others of course. I think that those projects specifically would make great informational programs. If anyone has specific skills that they would like to teach to others in my library’s space I would love to hear about that too! I am open to your ideas as well!
I hope to hear back from some of you soon :slight_smile:

Are there set days/times you are looking to fill for talks?

I usually have a table at open events where we teach lock picking and talk about lock picking forensics and it is always a very popular and fun table. It’s very interactive, which is nice plus people learn that locks are just puzzles. There are easier ways to access what is behind a lock but this is by far the most fun. After some discussion on how locks work and they get some hands on I can go on to tell the students on how investigators can tell if a lock has been picked, the skill level of the attacker and what tools they used.

I am very open as far as availability right now!

I do have a mystery themed program month in march next year, I’m going to have the local police come and do a forensic program and it would be awesome if you could come out and have a lockpicking interactive station then too! If that’s too far ahead to schedule for you I can get back to you abuot it later.

I do have some regular programs in which anyone would be welcome to come and talk about their projects or do some interactive sessions like the lockpicking. Those are Monday and Wednesday fro 4-6pm, you could come by anytime between 4 and 6. You would then be part of my regular “Teen Space” program when the teens play video games/board games/just hang out. Or you could even come from 6-7pm and have your own time without competing for their attention with the video games :slight_smile: let me know if that works for you!!

One of the members of the forensic group at the hive works in law enforcement in KY (although I don’t think it’s Erlanger) but I think he would be great for the March event. You’ll probably have to remind us when we get closer because I’m positive I’ll forget :slight_smile:

I’ll send you an email off-list and we can work out times to just show teens lock picking.