Entrance steps and board replacement

I was wondering if the hive could get the A Ok from garden street to replace the worn on boardd on the steps. The ones on there are a lil narrow however what makes them a pain in the ass is the really rounded edges from wear. As a whole if we can get the ok I can even grab the skate board grip tape to put on them for winter. I dono if this would be something that would have to go to a vote or that garden street would cover?

My bone graft basic surgery turned into going the whole knee as well. My surgeon called Katie on speaker phone from the operating room and said I was his last surgery of the day and he found solid anchor points away from where the graft had to be done. So I found out in recovery that recovery time went from a week or 2 to 6 weeks no weight and crutches. Plus side is I do not need the other surgery in November now. Bad side is I have rode the stairs down twice the previous times or crutches and am not looking to do it a third time :slight_smile: