Engraving Bits?

Anyone know of a good, local, source for grabbing some engraving bits for the shapeoko?


Bonus points if they’re open tomorrow morning.


I’m assuming you already tried Grainger and friends?

Do you need the V profile? If you just need a fairly small bit to do some small text or something there are some tiny mills Paul was using on the Roland. I’m not sure what collet sizes we have for the shapeoko though.


Why the Shapeeoko? The big one is operational. Rockler and Woodcraft both have a decent assortment of bits in Tri County. I also have some v-bits.


I have a ton of engraving bits in various states with 1/8" shanks (shapeoko has 1/8" collet). I bought out a dental lab going out of business back in LA. They are dental bits (look slightly different than PCB bits), but they cut great. Some are new, some are gently used. I have lots - will bring. However, I am ill, and will not be there tonight… I’ll bring some to the space when I come in next.

And no, they were not used on people’s mouths. This was a lab that made custom partials, fixtures, etc.


I bought a 10 pack of PCB bits like these – TiN coated tungsten. I’ll give it a shot when I can, but if you want to use em, let me know.