Enable hand printing

I got a good print and some settings a little closer to where I got a good print! Going to polish up the fasteners and holes hoping to have it done for next meeting

Test fitted with paper clips lol



Lookin good!!

What model of eNable hand is that?


Nice, is that the cyborg beast?

We should probably get needed hardware, and then send some test prints to them for “certification”.


It is the an able raptor hand printed in a 1:1 ratio from the Thingiverse page. It is the entire hand file for the right hand with built in supports. Was printed at .1 with a beefy shell and infill just to get the prototype and process figured out. It was also done with the filament I told you about lorin that was like 15 bucks per 1 kg even for neon and translucent colors. It was really stable for the 24hr print time ! Lorin if you are able to order fastners I am tapped right now from placing an order for extra filament rolls and that olssen block. I will also order the line, didn’t know if you would want to try and meet up one night at the hive next week and finish it. All pieces are printed.

Let’s do it. Contact off list to set up a time, but I’ll FYI folks here if they want to help.