Empty Your Member Storage If You are Able

We are aiming to be MOVED OUT of 2929 Spring Grove Ave. by AUGUST 1ST

If you are able, please make an effort to clear out your member storage space at the old building ASAP, as we will need time to disassemble and move those racks.

For the time being, if you are able to simply take your items home, that would be best. We are currently assigning new storage spaces at the new building, however, they are not quite ready to use (hopefully finished this weekend). If you would like to reserve your space, follow the instructions here.

We do not yet have vertical storage ready, and may not for some time after the move. If you MUST continue to store sheet goods at the new space before vertical storage there is ready, please consider becoming a Cornerstone Member and reserving a Cornerstone Corner Storage Space.

If/When you empty your member storage space at the old building, please post here saying so, or email leadership@hive13.org to let us know the space is empty, so we don’t have to bug you latter to get it empty.


Kevin M.
Hive13 Secretary