Empty Your Member Storage at the Old Building By July 20th

Please empty your Member Storage and Vertical Storage spaces at the old building by Monday, July 20th. We must be out of the old space by the end of the month, which means we need time to disassemble and move those racks.

Anything left on the Member Storage or Vertical Storage racks after Monday, July 20th, 2020 will be considered either a donation to Hive13 or trash, at the discretion of the member who ends up moving it for you.

You may request a member storage space at the new building following the instructions here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/cincihackerspace/tX7Fj-lA7lk/r-lYPNxWBwAJ

the member storage spaces at the new building are ready to use, you may move items directly from your space at the old hive to the one at the new hive if you have requested a space assignment.

We do not yet have vertical storage available at the new building (coming soon, but other move tasks have priority). If you have items stored in a vertical storage space at the old building, you are encouraged to either take the material home for now, or consider upgrading your membership to a Cornerstone Membership so that you can reserve one of our Cornerstone Corner storage spaces. Instructions for upgrading your membership and reserving a space can be found here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/cincihackerspace/TuoCaX4aJPE/EYn9kLBiBwAJ


Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Secretary

Anyone who has not yet done this, PLEASE try to get it done ASAP. There is very real risk that Hamilton County will go back under COVID lockdown, and it is unclear that we will be able to extend our move out date again if that happens. So please do your part to get the old building empty!

I propose ALL the member storage gets moved to the new space this weekend.
It isn’t a “free” move for lazy people as the stuff will be piled up haphazardly, but for people that really don’t have free time it should help.
I’ll try and come down either Sat or Sun to make a few trips.

If we find that people are really just waiting for someone else to move their stuff we will test out the cool trash compactor we have on the first floor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Brad, let’s not have anyone moving other people’s stuff until it is the VERY LAST thing left to do in the old building. There is very great risk in someone getting upset if anything goes wrong with moving the personal member storage, and it doesn’t buy us anything with respect to the move unless there is literally nothing else left to move out except member storage, which we are still a ways off from.

Lets stick with the plan of action posted, and have this weekend be moving the rest of Hive13’s stuff out. This should include all the piles of junk and scrap material, all the shelves and racks, all decorations, all the air line piping, kitchen appliances, etc.

PLEASE do not move member storage boxes. It’s likely most of our stragglers will come in this weekend to get theirs themselves anyway.

No worries. I shan’t move anyone’s stuff without permission.

REMINDER: THIS WEEKEND IS THE LAST CHANCE FOR STRAGGLERS CLAIM THEIR MEMBER STORAGE SPACE CONTENTS FROM THE OLD BUILDING. After this weekend, your stuff will be removed for you. if you have not made arrangements, this means that some items may be disposed of or moved inelegantly.