Embroidery machine?

Do we have one? Does anybody own one I could borrow for a quick job?

the Hive has one, but it is old and not terribly compatible with more modern formats…
What are you trying to do? I think it has a few onboard fonts, and designs.
I haven’t used it, but Lorin has.


Yes, we do. It’s a brother machine from about 2000-ish. I got it working, but it can only do “built-in” features, such as making a simple text monogram. Due to the obsolecence of hardware / software we can’t load it with custom designs or connect it to a computer (no usb or serial, used obsolete proprietary cards). So, if you want to monogram or label something, go for it. It’s in the annex and is pretty easy and even has a manual next to it. Use backing material, and just give up on getting the thread tension perfect (close enough, though).

If we want to do anything else, we’re going to need to get a new machine. I’ve looked into this, but have not gotten back to the idea. If there is a need, we could get a modern Brother se700 with USB and ability to use open source software / formats for not too much $.


My wife wants to “embroider the sh!t out of everything”. Specifically her soap company logo. We’ll keep asking around.

So do I. So would my wife. Both of us do hand embroidery, but, well, it would be nice to have machine too. I’d also like more crafters to come to Hive. I hang out with lots of people that do crafts, and there is no real space to accomodate…

Also, check out our singer machine. It can do a lot of embellishment manually if that’ll work for the project.

More immediately, Katie, Kevin Schuler’s wife has one. Maybe you could ask for her help if you need one quick.

So, my question is, then, if we got a Brother SE700, would it get used?

So need:

  • I need it to embroider custom labcoats, bring my craft friends for meetings at hive. I’d also like to use conductive threads and do fabric circuits.

  • My wife does all sorts of funny, profane embroidery (not kidding). Also some southwestern arts and Mexican Luchador themed stuff.

  • Mrs Pipitone needs soap company logos

  • Hive13 logos, labcoats, shirts?

  • Elly and John were really interested in this, and got the old donated one, but gave up on trying to use it due to the “forced obsolescence” thing.

All, please add your interest or need. Embroidery machines are actually quite awesome, as they are pretty badass CNC machines. Lots of fun.

I already did the research, contacted other hacker spaces, the embroidery groups online, and the Brother PE770 is the right machine according to all experts. Embroidery machines are weird. MANY still don’t have USB ports, accept more than one format, modern software, etc. Many are very innexpensive, but have the $100-$400 card readers and software to access the formats, etc. The PE770 is the most versatile. Also, no point in getting a 4x4 hoop machine.

HOWEVER, I don’t want to get one for hive if it does not generate usage. Personally I think, if it were the centerpiece of a crafts upgrade along with many needed little things like $2 seem rippers and needles and pins, etc, it would revitalize this area of hive.


My wife and I also do some embroidery and I could see getting some use out of one of these machines.

Admittedly for me it would be a once a year type usage, so I’d want to see some other’s interest.