Embroidery machine works

The embroidery machine works. I did this embroidery with ONLY built in designs and fonts that came with the machine.

It’s pretty basic, but does the job. The problem is still that it is proprietary memory card hardware that is 13 years old, and card writer we have is a brick.

If people are interested we can play with it on Tuesday before general meeting. If you try it, USE the embroidery support material! Set the dial on 4 or 5. Otherwise, watch your bobin eat thread and tensioning go to hell. Note that this special feature is on all low-end brother sewing machines.

‎I’ll follow up with recommendations for possible modernization, but this one is totally fixed up now to do things like make monograms, embroider words, letters, some nice borders & basic embellishment.



awesome! :slight_smile: