ELEVATOR WARNING - Please consider Elevator #4 (Inside Hive13 space) as OUT of ORDER If it isn’t marked - Please put up a sign saying Out of Order. See elevator warning in SLACK Discussion channel for more info.
Busch elevator repair will be on site at 9 am Saturday to diagnose and repair if possible.
These are OLD elevators that just passed an inspection.
Elevator #1 on the south side of the building is marked with caution tape because it is waiting on parts.
The guys doing the racking sale will be using elevator #4 but it is dangerous to use.

Elevator #2 which is on the south side in the middle of the building should be available for Hive13 to use.

More info when we have it.

Elevator Update - Still Out of Order.

The diagnosis is that the elevator sump pump died and both north side elevators flooded and shorted out the safety circuit.
The plumber is coming on Monday to replace the pump and drain the sump.
Given that dries out the problem, The elevator repair guys are to be on site Tuesday to repair the safety circuit.

This has also raised the priority on repairs to elevator 1 which is down.
Also opening first floor access to the elevator in the back end of Hive13 space.