Electronics progress

Behold, we have a new reflow oven! Even without the final touch of sealing, it does 2 degrees per sec easily. Should do lead and lead free without trouble.

Also, we have a new clean countertop free of assorted electronic parts!




Woot! Looking good Lorin!

looks amazing. I’ll bring mine in for a bake-off. I bet yours wins… I dont know that I can ramp that fast. :slight_smile:
good job


So, the Shapeoko is back in the hiveand will be set up for PCB milling and general engraving. It will live by electronics in an enclosure (for metal and fiberglass dust). Thanks goes to James for really really re-habbing all the janky wiring and weird-ness. There was a lot to be done.

I plan on setting up a Pi-Station adjacent electronics. This will be a dedicated monitor with HDMI adapter, a surface to temporarily and safely mount a pi, powered USB hub (for NAS project development, etc), a gpio cable, and breakout to breadboard. So many are working with pi, but I’m discovering with my students, that it is a pain to get a pi workstation together at Hive. I will support some of this with surplus of electronics budget.

If similar is desired for arduino, let me know. It might be nice to have a ready-set-go place for micro projects…

I’m getting back in gear with this project. My family and work life has kept me from doing much for a few months other than cleaning a bit and organizing. So, onward.

Professor vortex is working great, and the v2.0 carbon filter is working great. I’m going to rely on these for the air cleaning needs, as testing indicates they are more than adequate for metals, chlorine, flux, and mild acids.

During etch I can make a diverting line that goes out the window. This would not be dangerous gas, as Cl would .scrubbed, and Ph neutral, but it may not be super awesome in an enclosed space due mostly to moisture (aka it can rust stuff with h2o vapor).


Wonderful! Keep up the good work Lorin!


Thanks doc will and lorinn way to go!

Super cool! Can’t wait to work with it.

Thanks again.


way to go! pics when its up-to-date?