Electronics open house this Thursday 5:30-8:00pm

It’s a bit short-notice, but we’re ready for an electronics open house. The space is still a renovation in progress, but there’s already some cool new stuff and more bench space to work on projects.

So, drop by Thursday to re-familiarize yourself with our electronics area. I’m happy to help people with whatever…

A lot of folks have asked about how to use some of the test gear (which has been tested and calibrated now). And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the PCB etching stuff online by then too (regardless, I will probably be doing some workshops on such things in the future). Lots of possibilities. I’d really be interested in seeing people’s recent electronic projects as well. Hooray! Show and tell!


Wish I could make it but I’ll be on a plane to colorado :frowning:
Have lots of fun without me.


Oh yeah, I could bring my 16 channel mobile EEG system (openbci 32 bit) to play with. Anyone want to see their heartbeat or brainwaves?

In the future, I’m actually going to need some collaboration on this… My bet is that grass roots hackers could mod this framework into a better system than other available options.

First, though, I need to refine the hardware – lots of little tweaks could really boost the SNR and usability…


oooo biofeedback sort of stuff…

Yeah, I’ll bring that.