Electronics Bench Upgrades Final Report


Here’s the report of the electronics bench upgrades approved in the fall. Almost everything has been completed. I wanted to officially report the budget items here. We managed to spend less than half of the allotted budget due to scrounging, hacking, smart buying, etc.

Amount Spent: $542.98

Amount Budgeted: $1439.32

So, the remaining $709.16 remains in our accounts.

There are some additional things to do and to amend, but it won’t take that much money. If the amount will exceed warden budget, I will propose a smaller “phase 2” vote.

This project took me a while, as the biggest job was hundreds of hours of sorting a metric ton of junk, broken tools, weird mystery boxes, etc (I sorted through every single box on those two pallet racks and all of the adjacent shelves). In the process, a lot of useful items were also found, which brought the costs down.


Amazing job!!!

Nice work Lorin, congratulations on getting to a good stopping point.

I’m still sorting, cleaning, organizing, setting up, but it’s a good stopping point for spending.

I brought in and put up a test lead holder I had for all the fancy new scope probes and BNC cables, as well as our existing collection. Under-shelf lighting and the air filters are coming soon.


awesome job Lorin!